Guest Post: Sarah Margaret: My Favorites things

Hello all! 
My name is Sarah. =) I love crocheting, reading, sewing, and crafts. I especially LOVE crocheting!! I recently made my own Etsy shop. I am selling party favors, crowns, tiaras, and headbands so far. :) Jessica wrote out some questions for me to answer, so here I go! ;) You can check out my blog here at:

What is your favorite color?
Hmm... I like a light purple, or a light blue.

What is your Favorite Pet Animal? (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Horse, ect.)
Dogs!! We used to have a chocolate lab named Maggie, but she died.. :(

What is your Favorite Book of the Bible? 
Hmm.. Esther, Ruth, Matthew... It's too hard to decide!

What is your Favorite Season? (Winter, Summer, ect.) 
Summer all the way! :D

What is your Favorite Movie?
Ohh... I really don't have one! Now that I think about it.. Everything is usually just "okay," nowadays. ;)

What is your Favorite Quote? 

What is your Favorite Dessert? 

If you Could Change your Name, Would you? If So, What Would you Change It To? 
Ohh.. I like my name, I just don't like writing it. :P Hmm.. I really don't know! It's hard to imagine myself with a different name.. ;)

What is your Favorite Book?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I possibly choose?!?!?!??!!?!?!?! The Bible or course! Then, the Little House on The Prairie Series.. :)

And Finally, Who would be your Favorite Person From Either the Bible, or History in General? 
Ohh.. My favorite person from the Bible is Esther, she was so courageous! :) Favorite person from History.. Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton! :)

And that is the end of the questions! Thank you, Sarah! =) <3 

Thank you Jessica! That was fun! :D I hope you enjoy your time at camp! :D 
In Jesus' name,
Sarah Margaret♥


  1. Thanks for posting Sarah! It was fun to hear about you! I'll have to cheack out your blog and etsy shop! =D

    1. Thanks! :D I'll have to check out your blog too! :D I can't wait to see your post tomorrow!
      In Jesus' name,
      Sarah Margaret♥

  2. Chocolate Pudding Cake! Sounds delicious .

    1. Oh, it is! :D Mmm! I love it! :)

  3. Thank you for doing this guest post, Sarah! I loved all of your answers! =) Very good job! I'm honored to have had you on my blog! =) <3


    1. Your welcome! It was loads of fun! :D Thank you! Your so sweet! I'm glad to have you back though, it didn't feel the same without you! Your just in time for Tacit Tuesdays, or er Wednesdays.. ;) Hehe!
      ~Sarah Margaret♥


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