50 Until 15


It is exactly 50 days until I turn 15!!!  I CAN. NOT.WAIT!!!  Then I can finally get my permit!  I can't wait to drive!  *Squee!* 

So, yeah, I don't really have that much to say.  I stayed up until 2am last night because I got this book from the library that I could not put down.  I tried, really, but after laying in bed for about half and hour I finally decided just to finish it.  And so I did.  It was an amazing book.  I plan to do a book review on it soon.
I'm still kinda sick which means that my voice has been way off.  It is so annoying.  Today at church I was scheduled for the nursery but I was sick so I couldn't do it!  =(  So sad.  But my voice was really weird.

After church my sister and I went over to an elderly neighbors house.  We always go on Sunday evenings, but we try to go one other time during the week also.  And during the summer we go more often.  She only lives about a quarter, or maybe a half, a mile down the road, so most of the time we ride our bikes down there.  Good exercise, especially sense almost all the way back home is uphill!!  But during the winter my mom drives us down there and then the lady drives us home.  She is really, really sweet.  She lives all alone, but she rescues dogs; she has 17 of them.  And each and every one of them is the sweetest thing ever!  I just love her dogs!  =)  There is Truly and Gabby, Rosquo (I don't know how to spell it!  But it sounds like it looks), Shelia, Snow, Ursula, Rocky, Max, Chloe, Taylor and Rudy.  I don't know the rest because they are terriers (The lady rescued a pregnant momma!) and so they all look alike to me!  Haha.  There is 5 of them.  And there is one dog whose name I can't remember.  It is like Trevor or something.  Every time she tells me I'm like, "Oh, yeah, I knew that!"  And then I forget.  But remembering 11 out of 17 is pretty good, I think.  =)  She is a really sweet lady.

I love the movie Beauty and the Beast. 

And my favorite scene is the dancing scene with the song, Beauty and the Beast. 

Well, my really good friend at church plays piano, and she remembered that I love that song.  So she looked it up and memorized the song, and then played it on the piano for me!  It was so sweet, it totally made my day!!  <3  We played it after lunch, when everyone else was in the fellowship hall, so it was just the two of us.  I admit; I danced!  It was so beautiful!  <3 <3 =)

Well get to sleep.  We have school tomorrow after taking a (almost) 2 week break from school because of my grandparents.  They are going to stop by our house for a couple of days at the beginning of January before heading to California for 3 months!  They have been here a lot; almost every other weekend, and then 1 whole week, for the past 3 months.  I have gotten a bit behind in school because of it; but it is worth it for my grandparents!  I'm sad that we won't see them, besides those 2 or 3 days in January, again until probably June or July!  It's so sad that I can't even think about it!  =(  But, anyway, I am starting school back up, and I need to be well rested.  Plus I need to catch up on that sleep that I missed while I was reading my book!  ;) 

love, jessica


  1. So you're actually a seven months older them me, cool! :D

    1. Cool! Yeah, most people my age I am older than because I am born in January, so even if we are born the same year I would be older. But then again, I have friends that are born in 1998, so then I'm the younger one, even when we are the same age! I did once meet a girl who was born the same year as me, but about a week earlier. =D


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