Tacit Tuesdays: Christmas (2)

Hi!  It's Tuesday again, but it is also Christmas Eve!  What does your family do on Christmas Eve?  Most the time we just enjoy preparing for Christmas, and we may open some gifts.  Most of the time we are in Michigan over Christmas, so we wake up in a hotel room to see snow on the ground and covering everything.  But we will be staying home this Christmas and according to the weather the last couple of days, Christmas will be a very wet 60 degrees.  So, in celebration of the wonderfulness of Christ's birth, enjoy these simple reminders of the season.  Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

 Okay, winter is here, but the picture is pretty.  =)



  1. They are some beautiful pictures ! I hope you have an excellent Christmas !

    Eb x

    1. Thanks! I got them from a site called Pinterest. It is pretty cool. I hope you have a good Christmas too! How does your family usually celebrate?

    2. I am on Pinterest too ! It's great ! We don't do anything much different to most. We meet up with relatives and have Christmas lunch and then open presents ! What about you ?
      Thanks for subscribing to my blog !
      Eb x

  2. I really liked the 5th picture!! So pretty. It was another awesome post by Jessica! =D


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