December Challenge: Day 3 & 4

Greeting, Friends.

Can anyone truly believe that it is December already??  It is the last month of 2013.  That is such a scary thought!!  Sometimes I can almost get depressed thinking about how fast time is going.  But I think that, to a degree, that can be a good thing.  It should give us an urgency to tell others about Christ, and to make sure that we are fully obeying and honoring God during the few short years we have on earth.  We need to devote ourselves fully to Christ.

While you think about that, you can enjoy these next couple pictures.

Day 3: Red

This is a Christmas ornament at an interesting angle.  What do you think?

Day 4: Joyous

  The night I took this picture was very peaceful. 
We had Christmas music playing (That blue light to the right of the tree is our CD player), the tree was lit up, and there I was sipping eggnog. (That what was in my cup.)  =)  <3
ps.  I don't know if this exactly counts as JOYOUS, but it was the best I could do.  Sorry!

I hope you liked the pictures! =)

Happy December, Lovelies! <3

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