Tacit Tuesdays: (1)

Hi Everyone! 

   I'm starting a new series called Tacit Tuesdays.  You may have seen other blogs do this thing where they post interesting pictures, quotes, outfits etc on a certain day.  Well, rather then worrying about linking up with someone, I decided to start my own.  Your first question may be, What of earth does the word  Tacit mean?"  If you are not asking that question, and if you know what that word means, you are my new hero because even I, the nerd who reads dictionaries for fun, did not know the meaning of that word until tonight.  But in case you do not know what that means, I will enlighten you:

Tacit, adj. implied, or understood, but not expressed

   When I saw that word I knew that it was perfect, because that is exactly what pictures can be.  They can be ideas, or thoughts, that are to be understood, but yet not expressed in writing or sound.  They are silently implied.  So now all of you are one-word smarter.  Congrats.  =)

  So here is the very first, ever   Tacit Tuesday!  =)

ps.  I must admit that I reactivated my Pinterest account.  I lasted exactly 9 weeks without it, but alas, I activated it again, because I had a couple things to look up on it.  I also wanted to have a go at these picture series things.  So all of these pictures are off of my pinterest account.  I may deactivate it again, but in the mean time, here is the link to my profile where you can see all of my pins.  (You do not need to have a Pinterest account to access these)

What did you think? Which ones were your favorite?  Would you like more of these posts, or do you not really care for them?  Your opinion matters, no matter what it is!  Comment! <3 =)

~Merry Christmas,


  1. Great post! I Love picture posts! Dose this mean I'm your hero now? Because I've known what Tacit meant for years. I also know I lack it. :) Keep up the great posts Jessica!

    1. You actually knew what it was? Okay, yes, you totally rock! Haha =) Thanks. I'm glad that you like my posts. It means a lot that I know that you are reading it! =)

    2. Yes I do, I read a lot of older books and all my siblings do to so my family has a wider vocabulary then most. :) Its a good word, Maybe I can do something like this on my blog. :) I'm glad you like me cause your stuck with me. ;D

  2. I didn't know what tacit meant and I had never heard/seen it before either. I really enjoyed the pictures but I can't really say which one is my favorite.... I totally hope you do more posts like this! =)

    1. Rachel, your still really awesome too, for more reasons then I can list here. =) Hopefully, I will be doing more posts like this, it was fun! It is also a cool way to show off some of my Pinterest pins. Haha =)


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