December Challenges: Day 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Wow, writing all those numbers in the title made me realize how far behind I am!  Since it has been so long, here is the link to the original post with the challenge in it.  I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a couple of days.  I have a 101 posts that I want to do, but no time to do them!  So hang with me because one of these days I will be posting a ton!  Haha.  Okay, so here is the pictures.

Day 5: Today's temperature:  (I took this on the fifth.)

It reached 70 degrees, I believe, on the sixth. 
Be jealous, you northern people!  Haha =P
No, actually it is now much colder, like late 40's.
Day 6:  Shopping:

Bath and Body Works!  These were not bought as a gift, actually, but for moi!  Haha =)
Day 7:  Bright: 


Day 8:  Ornament(s):

 This picture is kinda self-explanatory
Day 9:  Something You're Reading:
This is a book that I just finished.  I have read three books by this author recently. 
They are pretty good.  I hope to do a book review on them at some point!

Well, it is the end of my post for now.  I need to go to bed.  I hope to do some posts soon.  Right now I have a friend over (Hi, Issie!)  =)  And tomorrow I am seeing my BFF!!  AHH!! =D  Ahh!  (Hi, Rachel!)  =)

Just so that I don't forget, here is a list of the posts that I hope to do:  (I cannot promise that all of these will happen!)

  1. Book Review: Just One Wish
  2. Book Review: My Fairy Fair Godmother
  3. Sleepover with Israel!
  4. Operation Christmas Child with Israel and Rachel
  5. Pointe Shoes
  6. Recent Pictures and Happenings
And, of course, keeping up with my December Challenge.  (I'm going to "win" this one!)

Night, Lovelies!

~ <3


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