December Challenge: Day 1 & 2

Okay, this is really sad people. 
   I fail BOTH of my November challenges, and then here comes December and I fail on the first day....

So, anyway, both of these pictures were taken today, but they match the themes for the December challenge.  You can reread about the challenge here.  So, anway, here are the pictures:

Day 1: My view today:

 No snow...But the tops of the trees are still kinda colored,
and as you can see in the small, nearest tree, all the leaves haven't fallen off yet. 
There are bigger ones, though, and all of their leaves have fallen off.

Day 2:  Favorite Holiday Movie.

Okay, you probably think that this is cheesy, an almost 15 year old having Winnie the Pooh as her favorite holiday movie, but it is. 
I love this movie, not only because, I mean, come on, it's Winnie the Pooh, but also because of all the memories it holds.
I plan on doing any other post about other Christmas pictures that I have taken so stick around!  I hope you liked the first two pictures of my Capturing December Challenge.  <3
J~O~Y   P~E~A~C~E    L~O~V~E


  1. I'm forteen and two of my five sisters at sixteen and eaghiteen watch Winnie The Pooh with me all the time, The Grand Advinture is my favorite. :) Have you watched the new full lingh movie they came out with?

  2. No, I haven't. I haven't really seen any of the recent Pooh Bear movies. I remembering watching The Piglet Movie, and The Tigger Movie. Those are probably the most recent ones I have seen! We have a really cute episode (not a full length movie, it is just like 20 minutes long) about them worrying about Christopher Robin growing up because he goes to a girl birthday party! Haha. Pooh Bear is really sweet and the original books are really cute and quite funny. =)


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