How to Recognize a Witnessing Opportunity; and How to Take Advantage of It.

   Witnessing is one of those things that pretty much every Christian wants to do, but never actually does.  Either is because opportunities never seem to "pop up" or because, even when they do, we don't have the courage to say anything. 

   The first and most important thing is asking God for help.  Nothing, nothing will be done without His help.  And we are doing it for His glory and His kingdom.  Why brave the element on your own when the LORD of the universe, who knows the hearts and minds of the people that you are witnessing too, could be right there with you?  Ask God to lead and direct your steps.  Trust me, He will.  So be prepared!

    The second thing to do; and this is the hardest, to trust.  Trust that God will help you.  You don't have to be afraid and nervous.  You don't have to push it either.  Lay it in God's hands and he will completely take care of it.

    Noticing a witnessing opportunity can be hard.  That is why it is best to leave it in God's hands.  I'm going to spend a minute to talk about my personal witnessing opportunities so that you will know what I am talking about. =)


   I first really witnessed right after I got back from summer camp this month.  I was sitting on a playground swing and a little boy sat down on the swing next to me.  He was about 7 or 8, and we just made small talk.  Then he asked if I had ever been to Carowinds (It's an amusement park somewhat near to where I live.)  I said that I had.  He said that his church group had went.  So I asked what church he went to.  He told me the name of a church nearby.  I asked him what he learned there.  He told me a few things about God, just really basic stuff.  I asked him if you knew who Jesus was.  I can't remember if he said yes or no, but I do remember him not knowing a lot about him.  So I told him how Jesus was God's son, and that, because we had sinned, Jesus came to earth to die for us.  The boy had to leave before I was completely done, but I think he got the jest of it.  He seemed to listen for the most part, but I could tell that he got a little sidetracked.  But you know what?  After I witnessed to that little 7 year old boy, my spirit was just overflowing.  I CANNOT describe how wonderful of a feeling you get after witnessing.  It is like a clean, airy freshness that you cannot get from anything earthly.  It was the Holy Spirit.  I could tell that it was with me, and because of showing it to someone else in the world, it was fresh; right on the top of my mind.  I practically floated the rest of the day.

  You may have noticed in the story that I didn't even have to really "bring up" the subject of Christianity.  He first mentioned his church.  Now, that's not to say that you shouldn't be the first one to bring it up, but I'm just saying that sometimes God gives you a opportunity without you even having to do anything.  I also like to keep kids, or anyone, but I have currently only really witnessed to kids, in the conversation.  Asking them what they know, and even, if you have time, breaking it up, like asking them about school or something in between.  This is more likely to keep them interested, rather than starting into the 10 minute long prepared speech.  And that is another thing; words will flow naturally.  I have said stuff witnessing that later I am like, "Wow, I had never really thought about it that way."  And yet there I was, talking about something that I had never really put into words before.  Like yesterday, I witnessed to a little girl; also about 7-8.  Again, I started the conversation by asking about her church.  She goes with her grandmother to a mega-church.  And she knew that Jesus had come and was laid in a manger; she just didn't know why.  We had plenty of time and I got through the entire Gospel message.  It's truly amazing.  The words just seem to flow right out of you, like it's not even you talking.  It so cool to listen to yourself talking through the Holy Spirit.  So anyway, I told her that when we die, God judges our heart.  And so if we live without Christ, he sees our black and sinful heart.  But if we accept Jesus into our heart, then when God judges us, he sees only Christ, because Jesus came into our hearts.  I had never really made quick so literal a connection of Christ coming into our hearts and the our hearts being judged.  I mean, I knew all that.  But the way that "I" said it, it made sense to a little girl.  God is so awesome, right?  =)
   Every person is different.  Everyone is individual.  But, ya' know, God understands and knows each of us.  No way of witnessing is going to work for everyone, and is going to be accepted by everyone.  But that doesn't mean we don't try.  God knows the heart.  So, next time you find yourself with some kids, or even adults, sit down and start talking.  And your witnessing doesn't have to be the third sentence out of your mouth.  Get comfortable.  And especially with Christmas coming up, you can ask how they are celebrating the holiday, or if they know why we celebrate Christmas.
   And even if you get turned down or brushed off by certain people, keep trying.  Pray for them.  Pray for those that you witness to, also.  If you would like, keep some tracks on hand.  Not only are they easy to leave places or hand out, it also opens up a window of opportunity.  And while it is good to be somewhat prepared, there is such a things as overdoing.  Don't force it.  But don't shy back either.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you windows of opportunity.  I witnessed several times during the summer, but I hadn't witnessed again until last night.  It just suddenly occurred to me, "I should tell this little girl about Jesus."  And I was talking to her at the YMCA.  I had seen her 3 or 4 times before.  But that was good because we already knew each other.  We were already comfortable.  I was helping her learn to crochet as I talked. 
   Witnessing is truly a marvelous thing.  It helps not only them, possibly eternally, but also you spiritually.  Often I walk away thinking I may have gotten the better side of the deal!  Christ is never boring, and living for Him is always an adventure.  Don't miss out on it! =)
  Pray, Pray, Pray.  <3  
~ Jessica
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