December Challenge: Day 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15

    Well, I decided to bite the bullet and not fail this challenge.  I have discovered that, while I love blogging once I get typing, it is harder for me to start writing a post that I feel like I have to write rather than me wanting to write it.
    So I probably won't be doing any challenges for a few months.  I actually, until this year, hadn't even heard of any of these challenges. 
   Well, enough beating around the bush.  Here are the pictures.  Enjoy.  =)

Day 10- Wrapping Paper:

Doesn't really need explaining!  Haha
Day 11- Green:

I'm quite proud of this picture. 
It is completely green, but not just the tree, but the green light. 
The reflection, the angle...I just like this picture.  =)
Day 12- A Beautiful Sight:
This is our sky today.  Beautiful, isn't it? 
That is also a view of our backyard, but there is land in the foreground that you can't see. 
We own the land out until those trees. 
That big tree is just gorgeous in the fall when the colors change.  =)

Day 13- Family:
This is a recent picture of us (and small on purpose!)

Day 14- Christmas Tree:

Here is our tree.  =)

Day 15- Favorite Christmas Song:

"The First Noel!"

I am still behind, but at least I am less behind!  Haha. 

Can you believe that it is only 6 days until Christmas, and only 13 days until New Years?  It is crazy!!!  The year went so fast....By the way, it is exactly a month until my birthday!  =D

~Merry Christmas


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