Roman Play - Part 5

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Madelyna – Nobleman Trilogy’s daughter
Peter – Nobleman Citrus' slave
Marcus – Madelyna's betrothed, a soldier
Proconsul Pompous – Government leader of the city
Army Commander
Harmony - Nobleman Citrus' slave girl
Scene 11:

The Guard Station; The night of the Ambush

Commander: [At the end of a briefing] Does everyone understand their positions? Good. Let's move! [To Peter and Madelyna standing nearby] Thank you both for approaching me about this. Hopefully this will go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. [Commander called away by guard]

Peter: [To Madelyna] Are you doing okay? Do you want me to take you home?

Madelyna: Are you kidding me? This is awesome! I don't want to miss anything!

[Peter laughs]

[Commander and soldiers surround Proconsul's house. Peter and Madelyna look on from nearby. Finally, whispering voices are heard through the night.

Voice #1: Shh! Quiet, fools.

Voice #2: Watch the road; I heard a horse drowned in one of those puddles.

Voice #3: Nonsense; stupid gossips story.

Voice #4: 'ould be true, doe. Not all those wives tales are false.

Voice #3: Tell me one that's true.

Voice #2: A wizard once told me...

Voice #1: If you all don't shut up, there will be more than one victim found on the morrow. Got it?


Good. Now on we go.

[Voices fade, until suddenly a loud crash is heard]

Voice #3: Curses, you beasts! The dead even heard that!

Voice #2: That isn't funny tonight, Curtis.

Voice #4: He didn't say the “almost dead.”

Voice #2: Although that applies too.

Voice #3: Wait, where is Mar... [Interrupted by the sound of a slap and muffled struggle]

Voice #1: [Hissing] No names, and if any of you so much as whimper I will slit your throat. Is that understood!?

[Silence, then the creak of the outer gate. After all slip through the gate, and it clangs shut again, the soldiers close the circle surrounding the block. Finally, the house is surrounded.]

Commander: [Nods to lieutenant]

Lieutenant: [Pauses, then yells] Now!

[Instantly every man in the platoon lights a torch. Shouts and curses can be heard from the men in the courtyard as they realized their entrapment.]

Commander: Make sure none of them get away! Guards, on alert!

Soldier #1: Sir, I need back up! Some are trying to climb the fence!

Soldier #2: Over here, two captured!

Proconsul: [Comes running sleepily from house; rubbing eyes] I say, I say, what is all this ruckus!

Soldier #3: Wait, wait! Commander, we have them cornered!

Proconsul: Will someone tell me what is happening? Why did you have to chose my house to have a party this late?

[More noise of chaos]

Proconsul: [To criminal running by] Say here, dear chap, how are you? Do you know what's going on?...

[Talking, noise; fads away...]

Scene 12:

After the criminals, including Marcus, are captured and being transported to prison.

Commander: Peter, Madelyna; the Proconsul and I wanted to come and personally thank you for your bravery in coming to us about this. You have done a great duty to your country. You truly are heroes.

Proconsul: You saved my life. I had no idea ruffians were plotting against me. How could I ever replay you?

[Madelyna and Peter look at each other; a silent agreement]

Peter: Well, I think we have an idea...

Scene 13:

Madelyna sits on hill overlooking the city; and Peter comes and sits beside her.

Madelyna: Oh, hey! Is it official?

Peter: See for yourself. [Grins; Hands over rolled up document]

Madelyna: [Scans and reads, before throwing paper aside and throwing her arms around Peter] Oh, Peter, that's magnificent! I'm so happy for you! We are now both free from slavery and betrothal. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting!

[Peter stands up; pulling Madelyna with him. Once Madelyna is standing, Peter kneels, still holding her hands.]

Peter: [Looking up at Madelyna] Madelyna Elisa, I love you. Will you marry me?

Madelyna: [Mouth open in surprise] Oh, Peter! [Silence for a second] What kind of question is that? Of course!! I love you, too.

Peter: Really, truly?

Madelyna: There is no one on earth I'd rather have than you.

[Peter stands, and they embrace.]

[Finis] (The end)


  1. Aww, this is so sweet! And definitely my favorite part yet!

  2. This was awesome! The ending was so sweet and beautiful! love it!!!!!

  3. This is beautiful, Jess! Loved the ending! =)


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