Roman Play


For school I had to write a "short play." Like, my example was a two-paragraph; one scene play.  But, les'be'honest, once a deep-down writer is given a writing assignment, they don't stop at one scene.  And so that is the story of how I wrote a 13-scene, 14-page play.  And I plan on adding to it.  Anyways, I figured: why let all that writing material go to waste?  So, like it or not, you get to read my play. XD

Some friends and I acted it out and it was SO much fun!  We had to do some scenes twice because they each wanted to be a certain character.

I'm posting it in parts, and as you read think of names for it.  It remains unnamed (You know me; I can't seem to name anything =P ) And let me know what you think of it: your favorite part, character, line, etc.  It would make my day! =D

Alright, so 'ere we go.  Enjoy!


Madelyna – Nobleman Trilogy’s daughter
Peter – Nobleman Citrus' slave
Marcus – Madelyna's betrothed, a soldier
Proconsul Pompous – Government leader of the city
Army Commander
Harmony - Nobleman Citrus' slave girl

Scene 1:
A rich townhouse in a Roman city. A young woman sits at her desk, sewing.

Madelyna: I don't understand how my father can be so course and unmoving. He won't even listen to me! Does he want to know how I feel? No! How he could expect to marry someone I don't even know...

[Knock at door]

Madelyna: What is it?

[Servant enters]

Servant: Your father requests your presence at dinner, my lady.

Madelyna: Tell him I'm not hungry!

Servant: My lady, he said that you must come, your betrothed is here for dinner.

[Madelyna groans angrily]

Madelyna: [To servant] Fine, I shall be down soon.

[Servant walks away]

Madelyna: [To self] Father, you may be able to make me come to dinner, but you will never make me marry that man. Never!


Scene 2:
A busy road through a market place. A slave rushes through, obviously in a hurry

Peter: Excuse me, ma'dam, excuse me. Pardon me, sir, terribly sorry.

Man #1: Watch it! You near most spilt me basket of fish!

Peter: [Calls back over shoulder] So sorry!

Peter: [To self] Oh, I'm sure a fool for bartering with that cloth seller for so long! I only hope my master slept late this afternoon!

[Rushes into fancy townhouse courtyard, pauses to straighten tunic, and hurriedly walks into dining hall. Master and guest recline on couches drinking wine]

Nobleman Citrus: [Sarcastic] Ah, Peter. I see you have decided to return. Did you enjoy your afternoon and evening?

Peter: [Lowers head] I apologize, Master. I was delayed at the market.

Nobleman Citrus: If it happens again, you will be punished. Now go get cleaned up and serve our dinner.

Peter: Yes, m'lord.


Scene 3:
A Dining Hall; Madelyna, Nobleman Trilogy, and Marcus recline on couches.

Nobleman Trilogy: So Marcus, I understand that your position in the military is drawing to a close. Are you looking forward to retirement?

Marcus: Much. I will miss my platoon, but I am ready to settle down with wife. Forty years of military service wears on the soul. Madelyna's company in the remaining years of my life will be received well.

Madelyna: [Openly shows her disgust; glares at father]

Nobleman Trilogy: [Ignoring Madelyna] The family is incredibly honored to be giving our daughter over to such a fine man with outstanding honor. Are you planning on pursuing political matters?

Marcus: Political things are farthest from my mind. I plan on focusing on growing my villa. They are racking in quite a profit these days, I hear.

Nobleman Trilogy: Wise decision. Politics at the moment are quite unstable. Putting Proconsul Pompous over this city was not Rome's wisest decision in my opinion.

Marcus: You hope for a different ruler?

Nobleman Trilogy: [Shakes head] Not so against Pompous am I, I simply wish he respected Rome's rule more. He focuses too much on voting and the citizens' opinions. He should let those of us in the city senate have more of a say than the common fisherman.

Marcus: A man weak in heart for the commons will never succeed in making a nation great.

Nobleman Trilogy: Agreed.
[To servant standing by] Clean up, boy! Wise men such as those you are honored to serve need their sleep.
[To Madelyna] You are excused, dear. Bade your betrothed that he may sleep well, and go to your quarters.

Madelyna: [Coldly bows to Marcus] Sleep well, my lord.

Marcus: I shalt not sleep as well as if I were taking you home with me, my darling. Good night.

[Madelyna exits]


  1. Fun! Have a blessed week!

    Allie D.

  2. This is cool! I can't wait to read more! =D Thank you for sharing it!

  3. I love stories set in Rome! I enjoyed reading this very much. :D

  4. Wow, very neat idea! I love any story set in the Roman time period!


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