Fresh Starts

Hey, y'all.

You know the drill, but I'm sorry for being gone so long.

 I started school last week!  11th grade.  Junior.  I sound so old to myself...

I got a new phone, A Microsoft Windows 8.  I really like it!  Sadly, the app store is t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e!  But that's okay.  When I only have to pay $50 for a smart phone vs. $400, I'm a happy camper.

My little sister moved back into my room, so it is pretty crowded.  But having her close makes my days a little sweeter.

Once a week I'm going to the library to study before work.  You should have seen the looks I got hauling my humungous backpack into the teen-section in the middle of summer.  Ah, homeschooling...

This week is going to be super busy, so I'm going to simply be focusing on keeping my head above water.  I get to attend a couple pizza parties; which is pretty awesome XD

This month a wedding is going to be at our church!  The couple is really sweet.  I love weddings.

For the start of your school year, whenever it is; try something new.  Move your desk to a different side of the room.  Buy a new outfit, just because.  Hang some new pictures or get a brightly colored rug.  Just mix things up a little.  Doing the same old thing over...and over...and seeing the same things every day can wear you done without you even knowing it.  So get out there and try something new!



  1. I think I'll paint something else on my wall

    P.S. Sorry if I hurt your feelings I've texted you all week but I guess you didn't get them I think I'll just try moms phone and see if it'll work

  2. Sounds like your pretty busy! I'm glad your doing alright though, wouldn't want you to get worn out. =/

    I might just do that. Gotta pick which one I want to do, but now you've gotten me into the mood for something fun. =D
    Thanks for the post!

  3. Hey girl! You sound busy! I am actually going to write a post up about what's been keeping me so tired too. ;) Studying at the library sounds awesome! I hope to get to do that this fall since we will be going by the library more often. :D

  4. Hi, Jessica! I totally get you. It's hard to believe the summer is ending.. I am so not prepared. Trying something new is always an interesting, yet fun experience:)

  5. Happy summer, and hope you have a good week!


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