Hey! Wanna Vote For Me?

Okay, so I entered this t-shirt contest, like forever ago.  You had to enter a quote to go on a t-shirt about writing.  And my quote got picked as one of the top ten!  So now you guys can go and vote!  I forgot to tell you, so the voting ends on the 27th.  So, it is ending really soon.  Anyway, go to this link:


My quote is: "A Writer: someone who loves words enough to bring them to life, and life enough to put them into words."

If the link above doesn't work, go to this link:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LDF6TTT

If both links work, though, you can vote twice.  So, once for me, and once for your other favorite. =)  If you don't have another favorite, but don't want to vote for me twice, vote for this one that says something like: Being a writer is an excuse to keep your imaginary friends around longer than everyone else."  It is right below mine.

Okay, that's all.  Thanks  =D

*If this whole big rambling thing made no sense, sorry.  It is late at night and I'm trying to be quick* #Notimeforproofread


  1. lol! I entered too! I forgot what I wrote though. :P I didn't know they were having the voting...I'll hop on over...

    1. I voted for yours! It really was the best one... ;)

  2. It made a lot of sence to me! =D I voted for you. Because, clearly, yours was the most awesome quote up there. =D
    Your biggest fan,

  3. I voted for you two times! I liked yours out of all them! :D

  4. Hi! I have voted for you! I also just want to mention my September Photo Contest, which will start on September first. It would be awesome if you could enter!

    Allie D.


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