Roman Play - Part 3

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Madelyna – Nobleman Trilogy’s daughter
Peter – Nobleman Citrus' slave
Marcus – Madelyna's betrothed, a soldier
Proconsul Pompous – Government leader of the city
Army Commander
Harmony - Nobleman Citrus' slave girl

Scene 6:

A narrow street near the Capital. Madelyna peeks out from behind a building.

Madelyna: [Whispers] Peter! Over here. [Peter looks around and then ducks into alley]

Peter: I didn't know if you'd be able to get out today or not. It was such short notice. I'm glad you came.

Madelyna: [Giggles and tugs at her hood] No one knows I've gone out. I tried to disguise myself a little.

Peter: [Laughs] I like it. I still recognized you, though. I... [Interrupted by loud crash and noises. Peter and Madelyna hide behind pile of wood and bricks.]

Voice #1: Curse you, Julius; making that racket. Someone's to have heard.

Voice #2: Nonsense; listen. Everyone going about their business. We're safe.

Voice #1: Whatever. Help me move this. [Both grunt and groan. Madelyna peeks out before Peter pulls her back down.]

Peter: [Harshly whispers] Stay down!

Madelyna: They are blocking the ends of the alley!

Peter: Then we stay here until they are done with whatever they are doing. Just stay out of sight! [Both stop whispering and listen again]

Voice #2: I do hope the Boss brings some cakes with him. I plan better on a full stomach.

Voice #1: No, you sit still and shut up better when your full. I'm to nervous to eat anyway. All this meeting in broad day light makes me nervous. I'd much rather be doing all this at night.

Voice #2: You are such a scarey cat, Stephen. Ah, here they come!

[Voices lower and there is the sound of scuffling feet. Peter had to hold Madelyna down to keep her from looking. 'Nosy' Peter mouths to her. Madelyna sticks her tongue out at him.]

Voice #3: We are all here; but if anyone who doesn't have the spite to call himself a man and face his duty until the end, let him leave now.


Voice #3: Good. Now let us hear the plan. [Sound of movement and then silence, but finally a voice, obviously the leader, speaks]

Voice #4: I want you to listen very carefully; gentleman. Every word I'm about to say is of extreme importance.

[Madelyna gasped]

Peter: Shh! [Slaps a hand over Madelyna's mouth.]

Madelyna: [Pushing his hand away] Peter! That's...that's...Marcus! The leader! It's...

Peter: M, quiet! He will hear! Just listen, we might miss something.

[They listen]

Marcus: In ten days time we will meet at our designated spot. About half way through the second fortnight, we will get into Proconsul's house. I have arranged to have the back door left unlatched. You three; twill be your job to make sure all the slaves are tucked away. No witnesses. The rest follow me up to the Proconsul's chambers. I'll do the honor. After it is done, we shall all bathe in the glory of our victory, and I shall finally get the political status that I deserve. Now leave, one at a time. Until we meet again.

Madelyna: [Whispering] He told my father he wasn't interested in politics!

[Sounds of dismissal and men leaving. Peter and Madelyna stay quiet until they have all left.]

Madelyna: [Hopping up; ecstatic] Peter! Peter! They are going to murder the Proconsul! They are going to kill him! And Marcus is the head of it! This is horrible...no, wait! It's perfect; when they are caught my father will hear of it; and I won't have to marry...Oh, but the poor Proconsul! We have to do something, Peter! We just have to! Peter? Are you okay?

Peter: [Lost in thought, looks up] Oh; yes. Fine. We have to warn the Proconsul. We can't let them get away with this. You have to tell your father about this. He has the power to handle this.

Madelyna: What does power have to do with it? We can handle it just as well.

Peter: Who is going to listen to a slave and a teenage girl? They will laugh us away.

Madelyna: [Soberly] I guess you are right. I'll try and talk to my father. Do you think Citrus would listen to you?

Peter: I'm better off explaining it to a wall. I'm his least favorite. I know he wouldn't listen. [Pauses, then pales] Oh, I was supposed to serve his lunch today! [Looks at the sky; judging the time] Oh, I can't believe I did it again! [Starts off running; calls over shoulder:] I'm sorry, Madelyna! Good luck with your dad!

Madelyna: Thanks! I'll need it.


Scene 7:

Nobleman Trilogy's Garden

Nobleman Trilogy: [To multiple slaves, each holding a piece of art] Yes, yes, put that statue on the pedestal by the pond. No, no, never mind. Put the stone by the pond, and bring in statue over here. Good, good.

Madelyna: Father!

Nobleman Trilogy: Oh, hello, darling! I'm redecorating the garden! I hear those new mosaics are extremely popular in Rome; I'm thinking of having the courtyard redone with them. What do you think?

Madelyna: Um, Father, could I talk to you a minute? [Motioning with tip of head to the slaves] Alone?

Nobleman Trilogy: [Understanding, but still baffled] Ah, yes, I suppose. [To slaves] You can put those down for now. Give my daughter and I some privacy. I will call for you later.

[Slaves bow and exit]

Nobleman Trilogy: Now, what is it, dear? You look pale and breathless.

Madelyna: I'm fi...fine. But, Father, today I was, um, at the, uh, market and I overheard a meeting. A secret meeting; and...and they were-are-planning on murdering the Proconsul! And Marcus is the leader! I swear, Father, it was him! We were right there and heard the whole...

Nobleman Trilogy: [Interrupting] We? Who else heard this?

Madelyna: [Flustered] Oh, um, well, I didn't mean 'we'. It was just me and, um, well...

Nobleman Trilogy: This isn't just a game of yours, is it? Really, Madelyna, you are much to old to be pulling pranks with your friends.

Madelyna: [Interrupting] But, I'm not...!

Nobleman Trilogy: [Continuing] I know you don't like the idea of marrying Marcus right now. But he is a respectable man, and I know he will take care of you. No matter, though, you are much to old to go around spreading rumors just because you don't like someone.

Madelyna: [Protesting] Father, please, just listen!

Nobleman Trilogy: [Loudly emphases first word] Obviously [Madelyna silences] I have given you too much freedom. From now until either the wedding, or you show yourself very responsible, you will have to inform me of all your coming and goings. If need be you will be escorted. Hopefully it will give you a bit of accountability. Now, you are excused.

[Madelyna opens mouth to protest, but Nobleman Trilogy points to the door and turns away. Tears starting to stream, Madelyna runs for her room; locking herself in. Nobleman Trilogy turns and looks after her, then leaves; shaking his head.]


Scene 8:

Outside slave quarters; Peter lies on a mat; Harmony hovers over him with a dish and cloth.

Peter: Ow! Please, just stop!

Harmony: I know it stings, but the wounds will get infected if I don't. Just; look away.

Peter: Looking away doesn't help! You know that...

Harmony: [Sighs] Yeah, I know. But it distracted you for a little while, at least. [Sets bowl aside; looks down at Peter, and giggles]

Peter: [Grumpily] What is so funny?

Harmony: Oh, I was just wondering how special she must be for you to go through all this for her.

Peter: [Looks away, guiltily] I...I don't know what you're talking about.

Harmony: [Laughs] Ha! Save the excuse for a rainy day. Now, come on, just tell me her name.

Peter: [Reddens] No!

Harmony: Ah, but it is a girl!

Peter: Yeah, yeah. Doesn't matter, though. She is already promised to someone else. [Sits up and looks moodily into the distance. Harmony scoots closer to Peter]

Harmony: Who does she love, though?

Peter: [Startled, then blushes] She doesn't like him...I think she loves me. I love her; I know that.

Harmony: Then it will all work out in the end. I promise.

[End Scene]


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