Thousand Memories

I have a thousand memories,
locked in my mind.
A thousand little moments,
frozen in time.

Those precious moments
I thought would never end.
How could there ever be a time
We weren't friends.

Yet somehow the wind blew
all the memories away.
Far from your memory,
Forgotten was that day.

But, oh my friend,
I remember do.
So don't fear, my darling,
for those days will never die.

Locked in my mind,
Frozen in time,
Those thousand memories
Are forever mine.


  1. Did that just come to you? ;) I about die wracking my brain to write a poem about. LOL. I love it, Jess! :D

  2. Great poem! You know how to make words flow. :) <3 Miss you!!

  3. Awesome poem Jess!! =D Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. I just tagged you over at my blog for the Solve This Riddle Tag!
    Have a great day!

  5. Wow... I adore this poem! It's so relatable to me. Memories can be hard to face, especially when that person isn't in your life anymore. But I cherish them all the same. This is beautiful, Jessica! Keep writing because you're so good at it!


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