I'm Alive!


It's been a while, I know.  I'm sorry.  (I actually had to check what my last post was; I couldn't remember!)

VBS is this week.  If you have never worked at a church VBS, just know this:  It is Exhausting.  Our church is short workers this year, so I am literally doing 3 official jobs, not including little things here and there.  I'm in skits (I'm the first mate on a ship), I'm doing registration (spell you name for me again?) and I'm with a class (K-5: cute, but trouble.)

I am going to try and get my curriculum done by next week!!  Please pray for me that I can get this done!!

We are going to visit friends and family in a super quick trip (Cause I have to work.  Adulting is hard...)  One Family-friend-that-is-basically-family graduated and is going to college this fall, which is really scary because I remember when he was like, 7.

Not much else is happening...My brain is basically dead; get back to me after VBS is over. XD




ps. Check out my "Contact Me/Find Me Elsewhere" page; I updated it!


  1. Your alive!!!! Thats always a good thing to know. ;D Thanks for the update Jess, it was good to hear from you. Good luck at VBS!! =D

  2. Yay! Your alive! It's okay! My viewers probably think I'm dead to. hehe. I did a homeschool conference this week. I was the 3 to 5 year olds babysitter along with some other people. It's EXUASTING!

  3. Thanks for the update! Great to know that you're alive haha ;)
    Can't wait for more posts again! xx

  4. Will be praying things go well!

  5. Yay! We missed you! I hope everything goes smoothly with the last of your curriculum, as well as VBS. :)


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