Posts That Have Inspired Me: October


  I wanted to let you guys all know of some posts that have really inspired me this month.  This is not a complete list! There are countless posts that have touched me.  These are just a few. =)

  Lynde Avenue: I Dare You
       Emily talks of how much technology has taken over our lives; and inspires us to go 12 hours without it.

  Go Teen Writers: Whatever You're Doing; You're Totally Wrong
        A short, but sweet post reminding us that there will always be people who tell us we are wrong; or there is no hope; but we must learn to ignore them and focus on what is really important.

  Journey of a Lifetime: Scripture
      Sometimes just a reminder from God's Word is all you need to brighten a day

  (Almost) Completely Mad: Is Your Faith Something to Hide or Be Proud Of?
      Kat brings up an important point about not hiding your faith simply because of what other people think.

  A Free Mind: If by Rudyard Kipling
      I had never read/heard this poem before, and it's wonderful

  According To Em
      Em has recently posted 3 posts that are just awesome.  So powerful and inspiring.  You can read them: here, here,  and here!

  Adventures Beyond the Horizon
      Every week Micaiah posts a quote.  They are always so awesome and inspiring.  Here is the link to the label for these posts:

   Daughter of the King: Bloom Where You're Planted
        Brittney not only tells us why we need to learn to "Bloom where planted" but HOW to do this.

   Forever Changed: The Ticking Monster
      Sarah is one of the best writers I know.  Her thoughts are so caring, so easy to relate to, and reach right into your heart.  This post is one of her best, I think.

   Fresh Modesty: One Reason Church is So Important To Me
       Olivia reminds us to remember why church is so important; and should be important, to us personally.

    God's Daughter: Realize The Opportunities
        I highly encourage you to explore Raquel's blog.  Her posts, like this one, are always very encouraging.

    Hello Strawberrie: The Little Things
         A reminder to notice and learn to love the little things

    Lilies of Grace: Encouraging Bible Verses About Hope
       Bible verses are about as wonderful and encouraging as you can get. =)

  Little Panda Crafts: Just Keep Swimming
       Despite the shortness of this post; it was really encouraging to me one day when I was going through some rough spots.

  Loving Our Creator: It's Who
     Lauren has so many wonderful posts; it would be impossible to mention them all.  Please explore her blog. =)

   Ni Hao Ya'll: The Daily
       A beautiful post just about loving the little moments in life

   Unadorned Gifts: You Have That Power
        This is really a powerful post about how you have the power to change someone

This post was a lot longer than I expected!  I hope you will check out these posts and blogs.  If anyone else would like to take this idea, and share posts that have inspired you, go ahead!  I'd love to see them! =)  You may use my picture, too, if you'd like. =) <3

If you guys liked this, maybe I'll do this every month.  Would you like that? =)

~Jessica <3

ps. Thank all of you who commented on my sister's blog.  She loved it. =)  There is still time, if you haven't. =)  http://awesomecowgirl.blogspot.com/2014/10/happy-birthday-to-sweetest.html



  1. Thanks for this list, Jessica! :) I'm so glad you enjoy the Quote of the Week posts!!


    1. You are very welcome, Micaiah! You know I do! I hope others will love them as much as me! =) <3

  2. this is a great list, thank you so much for putting my post up there!! xx

  3. I'll have to explore those blogs. Thanks for sharing them so others can find them too.

    1. I hope you will! You're very welcome! They are too good not to share. =)

  4. Ohh, awesome Jessica! Thank you! =D I might have to do a post like this sometime! =)
    I'm off to check out those! =D

    1. Thank you!! I would love to see a post like this from you!! =) Yah! <3

  5. Thanks for this inspiring posts collection~

    Vanshi || Upwardss

    1. You're very welcome! I hope you enjoy them =)

  6. Encouraging post Jessica! I loved all of those articles!

  7. I'm so glad that one of my blog posts made the list of blog posts that have inspired you! I hope that God has used my blog to inspire not only you, but others as well :) Your blog is super inspiring as well, and I hope you know that :)
    I'm going to check out some of the other blog posts on this list too! This is such a great idea!

    1. Like, seriously Lauren, ALL of your posts could make this list. ;) I hope so too; you are a beautiful writer with things that NEED to be said! Only a few are as brave as you to stand up and say them. =) <3

      Thank you so much!! <3 Ya, I hope you enjoy them! =)

  8. Ah! You made my day! Thank you so much for putting my post on here! I'm so glad you liked it! What a great idea. I've been meaning to do something like this too. Thanks for being so supportive. It literally means the world to me:) And I ADORE your blog
    Btw, you might have read this, but I did the Pink Challenge:)

    1. I'm sooo glad!!! =D You are so welcome, it was the awesomest post, like, ever. Awh, always, girlfriend! Thank you!! I did see it. I commented on it, right? If I didn't, I promise I will....eventually. *hides head in shame*


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