Guest Interview From Micaiah!

Hiya!  Today I have a very special guest post/interview from Micaiah!  You can visit her lovely blog HERE!

Hi! Welcome to (Almost) Perfectly Pink! Would you please tell us a little about yourself? =) 
     Hi, Jessica! Thank you so much for having me here! I can indeed. =) I am a young teenage girl with a passion for God, Christian music, and good books. I love reading, and writing – they are two of my favorite hobbies. I adore Christian adventure books! My favorite book is Brothers at Arms: Treasure and Treachery in the Amazon by John J. Horn, who is also my favorite author. I enjoy history, hiking, going to the movies, chatting (which includes rambling!), spending time with my family, blended coffees, Mario Kart 8 on the Wii.U (I am not a gamer, though!), going to Barnes and Noble, singing, listening to music, and numerous other things! I also enjoy writing over at my blog, Adventures Beyond the Horizon!

Do you know for about how long you've been following my blog? What made you follow?
       Well, I don’t know for sure, but it has been probably a month and a half to two months. =) I found (Almost) Perfectly Pink through our mutual friend, Mikayla, and I ended up just following! I thought it looked like an interesting blog. :) The cookie recipe post kinda lured me in... ;) And the ‘You Don’t Want Prince Charming!’ post (I agree with you)! ;)

If you could change one thing about my blog, what would it be?
Oh, gosh...must I answer this question? Maybe I’d have you talk more about the books you’ve read, and the music and movies you like! :D

What is one thing about my blog that you really like? 

   I really like the fun way you write each post and how you’re so happy! :)

Do you have any advice, recommendations, or requests to make about how I can make my blog better?

     Maybe change up the posts you do, talk about a bunch of different things. :) But I think it’s pretty fun as is!

What types of posts would you like to see more of? Less of?
    Perhaps more ‘Thought Provoking’ posts, like the aforementioned ‘You Don’t Want Prince Charming’! Um...

If you could give one word of advice to new bloggers, what would it be? 

     Keep on going, keep on writing! You might not have a ton of followers in the first few weeks, or even months, but if you keep up your work talking about the things that you love to talk about, then you’re heading in the right direction, and the followers will come. Who needs a ton of followers anyways? :) Hitler had millions. Jesus had twelve. Just enjoy having fun and writing on your blog!!!

Thank you so much for being here! <3

Thank YOU, Jessica! It’s always a pleasure. =) I had fun!

Thank you Micaiah for the wonderful answers!!  I have one more guest post coming up, but if anyone else would like to do this, please let me know!  =)

~Jessica <3


  1. Thanks so much for letting me do this, Jessica! :D

  2. Awesome interveiw Micaiah and Jessica! =D I loved it! =D

  3. This is an excellent interview :)
    -Lauren <3

  4. Enjoyed the interview. Especially her advice to new bloggers.


    1. Thank you, Mrs. Pepper. It is really great advice. =) <3


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