Hey Dudes.


I don't have much to say.  I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired.  Thank you for all the questions; you guys will get 2 or 3 from this! lol  ;D  We were out of the house almost 12 hours today.  And I was driving for almost all of it.  My dad is watching Star Wars.  Did you know that Disney bought it out and they are making another one...with the same actors??  Harrison Ford has already gotten injured.  Anyway, this was just kind of a "I'm here" post.  I really don't have anything to say, can you tell?

Yah...that's about it.  My brain is, like, ......uh...........................wait, what was I saying?



  1. Jessica, I don't even think you needed to say you were triad, this whole post just spelled out triad. =P
    Oh yea, I heard about the new Star wars movies their making. There doing a series on Hans Solo to start it off right? =/

    I hope you had some sleep after this because I'm getting triad just thinking of how egsousted you sound. ;)

    1. Oh, gee, thanks! ;D haha =P I don't know about the series on Han Solo. I can ask my brother or dad ;) Haha, I did! It was wonderful lol

    2. Your welcome. ;)
      Yea, my dad was talking about that series a bit ago, I think Hans Solo next. =) Have you watch a series called Battle Star Galactica? If you liked Star Wars you would probably like it. =)

    3. Oh, I don't especially like Star Wars. It's okay though lol Haha


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