December Photo Challenge: Day 22-31

   Sorry everyone, it's a day late!  But really, it's just December plus 17 hours, right?  Anyway, here are the last pictures of 2013!  Ahh, I can't believe that it is 2014!  Julia and I stayed up for the New Year in our room, and we prayed together going into the new year.  But then, by accident, (hehe) we remembered that our internet has free download (watching videos, playing music, viewing pictures, etc) after midnight.  So...we kinda stayed up until....1:30......yeah...But it was fun and we watched some parts of some movies on youtube, so it was nice.  I made a New Years Resolutions list last night, and it has 44 things on it.  I don't have it right now, but maybe I'll post some of them later.  Happy New Year!  =D

Day 22- Tradition:

A big tradition for our family is playing Mexican Train.  It's a domino game, and it's really fun.  =)

Day 23- Scarf:

This one was easy.  I actually crocheted this scarf myself.  Sorry about the green shirt not matching!  =P
Day 24- Favorite Part of Christmas Eve:

I hadn't known what I was going to do for Christmas Eve
because we never really do anything special. 
But assisting the birth of two wet-hardly breathing baby goats 
was definitely the highlight of that day. 
(By the way, both babies are happy, healthy, and eating A TON!) =)
Day 25- Morning:

Okay, I kinda cheated on this one, because I don't have a picture of morning, and Christmas was nothing special this year, so I don't have pictures of us opening gifts or anything.  So, here is the view I get every MORNING when I wake up. lol
Day 26- Grateful:
I'm most grateful to my very, very best friend, Julia. 
One of the most awesome things about having your best friend as your sister, is that you live with her, so you get to do everything together.  It's like having a sleepover and spending the day hanging out with your BFF every.single.day!  AWESOME! =) <3
Day 27- Night Time:
This was our sky last night.  Yeah, I'm getting desperate! =) 
But it really was, trust me!

Day 28- Words:

I think this is a pretty cool picture.  Just saying. =)

Day 29- Sky View:

Day 30- Your Winter Wonderland:

Real winter-y.  Haha

Day 31- Fun:

Being with this girl is about as fun as it gets!
Plus, check out my cool rollers!  =D
Haha, that night I got out my crocheting and my brother said that I looked like an old lady!

Whew!  I finished it!  A day late, but I did finish it!  Whew! 

Happy 2014 everybody!  =)

~ j.


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    1. Okay, now I'm doubting about the word 'attcha. Ahh, whatever! ;) =)

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    1. Hi Maiya!
      First off, I love your name! It is so cute and unique! =D

      Thank you so much for commenting! I'm glad that you found my blog and that you like it! That's what makes blogging so much fun and that is what puts meaning into taking the time to write it; knowing that it means something to someone! =) I hope that you will stick around and even follow if you would like. I checked out your blog; it is cute! I love it! =) I will definitely take a closer look at it! =)

      Again, thank you for commenting! It means so much! =)


  3. Well, I'm commenting. ;). I love this post, and the pics of Julia...she's warming up to the lens. :D

    1. Thank you! Your dues are paid! Haha! =) She is! Well, for me at least. Do't get your hopes up! ;)


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