Tacit Tuesdays: Pro-Life ~Part 2~ (6)

Well, this is the part two that you have all been waiting for!  =)  Sorry that is so late!

This one hits me hard. 
ONE SECOND per child and we would be silent for 100 YEARS.....

The one applies to everything...

This logic almost makes me laugh! 

Who would they be??
LORD, have mercy on us....
Oh, please have mercy.....

Haha!  Yup!




  1. Wow again. The 100 years one is also amazing...
    Eb x

  2. Amazing. Thought Provoking. Worth Pondering. and Praying about.
    Yup, those all apply to this post. 100 years is a lot. I also like the one that says "Every one that supported slavery was free. Every one that supports abortion was born." </3 55 million....

  3. Wow...I am amazed by these Pro-life posts! I was always against abortion and stood up against it. But this is making me think a lot more! Maybe I shouldn't just disagree or stay away from the subject, maybe I should stand up more! Thanks Jess!! :D

  4. I have nominated you for the Liebster award.
    Eb x

  5. Just sent you an email. I'd really appreciate it if you'd read it and maybe give me some advice :)

    1. Hi! I looked for the email on both of my accounts and I didn't see it. Which account did you send it to, the gmail or the yahoo? Maybe you can make sure that is sent. I will keep checking my accounts, too, in case something is wrong with mine. I would be happy to read it and help any way I could.
      Thanks. Sorry for the difficulties!


  6. All your comments were wonderful! Thank you. =) <3


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