The House That Friendship Built

// The House That Friendship Built \\
it all started long ago
we knew
with a look and a smile
we would be friends

we laid out plans
and collected supplies
giggling over little details
our hearts were tied

a foundation of trust
a wall of similarity
a ceiling of love
and furnished with memories

memories of play dates,
tears and hugs
countless laughs

we lived in that house
for so many years
we forgot it needed care

one day at a time,
the cobwebs snuck in
the corners went unswept
and our old couch grew dusty

we were still together
though not as much
we forgot to greet in the halls
and hug a lot

until one day you just moved out
my friend
i looked around
and opened my eyes to the empty rooms

i saw the peeling paint
and the burnt out light bulbs
i saw the dirty rugs
and the empty envelopes

i cried
for i missed you
but i admitted you weren't coming back
locked up and walked away

i still saw you
but it wasn't the same
i wondered why i didn't see it coming

you've built many new houses
with lots of new friends
and i will too
but i will never, ever forget you


  1. Ahh, this is so beautiful and perfect. I love it!!! You are so talented!


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