Story Spinner Contest


   I've decided to hold a little contest.  I've seen these around, and they are always so fun, so I thought I'd see if you'd be interested.  This will be a one time thing for now, but if I get a lot of feedback I may do it more regularly.

   I took this picture, and I thought it was "interesting" enough to use as a story starter.
It is your job to write off of this picture.  
Your entry could be a short story, a couple words, a poem, etc.  
I'm not going to put a word limit on the entries, 
but try to keep it down to only a couple paragraphs or less.  
Send your entry to my email: livingjoyfullyblog@yahoo.com

The contest will close on January 6th, and I will try and pick a winner within the couple days after that.  The winning entry will be posted on my blog, and the winner can choose if they would like to do a guest post, or if there is some other prize like that which they would like.

Here is your picture, and happy writing!



  1. This is awesome! I'll be sure to enter! Thanks Jess!

  2. This is amazing! I hope you get a lot of entries! =)


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