Fall 2015 Bucket-List

Well, it is that time of year again!  Last year I created a fall bucketlist for the first time, and while I didn't do everything on my list-who does?-it did motivate me to accomplish some things I wouldn't have done otherwise.

* Go on a Hay Ride
* Go Apple Picking
* Rake Leaves
* Have a Fall Photoshoot
* Go Through a Corn Maze
* Make Cookies
* Carve a Pumpkin
* Bake a Pie
* Make Caramel Apples
* Decorate
* Go to a Football Game
* Take Pictures of Fall Leaves
* Write Letters Telling People Why I'm Thankful for Them
* Drink Apple Cider
* Make Pumpkin Spice Coffee
* Go Hiking
* Visit a Farmers Market
* Make Popcorn
* Eat S'mores by a Bonfire
* Go to an Autumn Ball
* Go for a Scenic Drive
* Go Ice Skating

As you can see, I have already completed a couple of things. (Ha, ahead of schedule for the first time ever.)  And of course I've done most of these things before, but not this fall.  I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing!

Have you done anything on this list this fall?
Are You Making a Bucket List For this Fall?


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  1. Awesome list! I guess the Carmel Apple you already have isn't enough? ;D I hope you get all of your stuff done! =D
    Well, I never really have a fall list since fall is so short here in Texas.

    1. Ha.Ha.Ha. ;D Julia will be glad to hear that joke! XD Thanks! Fall is actually kinda long here; once it isn't really hot anymore, it stays in the "chilly enough for a jacket" phase until about December. ^.^

      Love you!

    2. Lol, I knew she would. ;D Well, thats Texas for ya, we go from summer, to a month of floppin between cold and hot, to winter. I like sweeter weather though, so maybe someday I'll have to visit you during the fall. =)

      Love ya!

  2. Wow now that's a list.So far I have done nothing that is on that list.Good luck on that and what is Texas like this little mountain boy needs to know.

    1. Never mind I have went to a football game and made cookies.My bad ha ha


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