Is It Fall Yet?

This morning, I woke up...chilly.  That is right, folks, the windows were open, the air was off, and I was cold!  I practically squealed with excitement.  Why?

Because I love fall.

I love summer, too, but see, way down here in South Carolina, it can get pretty crazy hot during the summer, and stay that way until Thanksgiving.  So, I celebrate fall when I can.

I normally celebrate the start of seasons on the calendar start, because the weather never cooperates anyway.  But, today I decided to be 9 days early.  I put on my yoga pants, ate pumpkin spice english muffins for breakfast, drank my fall tea, took a couple pictures, got out my fall scented candle that I didn't use up last year, and BOOM. Fall has arrived.

A little background; A couple years ago was really rough for me.  We had some family issues, and school was not going well, and I had been sick a ton.  So I had really lost my excitement for basically everything.  Christmas had come and gone, and summer only reminded me of the school year that wasn't ending.  So, when fall came around last year, I decided that I would make myself excited about it.  I came up with a fall bucketlist, I painted pumpkins, I carved pumpkins, I wore a beanie (Which I discovered that I loooved), I  bought fall scented candles, I ate pumpkin spice everything...You get the idea. And, it worked.  I remember getting my love of life back.  So, this year, I'm honoring the season that I grew to love so much.

So here's to celebrating fall a little early; and enjoying life's little moments.


  1. It's beginning to be fall here in California too! It finally rained :D I was just thinking today how much I want to listen to christmas music already lol :D

  2. Fall is pretty awesome. EARLY fall. Which stinks, 'cause my birthday is almost to December! :P haha, I'm glad your enjoying it. That's one thing I do like, spicy smells, hot cocoa and super comfy clothing. :D Loved this post, Jess! <3

  3. Well, it was begining to look like fall here to for a couple days, but then it heated right back up, and now it doesn't look like it'll be fall for awhile. X) Fall is a beautiful season, all the spice, cool weather, gorgous colors, and I happen to really love it because it was in fall that I got to know you.

  4. I love your new blog name & this post!!:)


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