New England Trip: Day 4

Day 4:

  On Day 4 I didn't drive at all! ;)  We were able to sleep in a cute little cabin, below:

As a little backstory, my grandparents were working at this summer camp; cutting the grass, painting, repairing minor things, etc.  Well, camp was already over for the year, so we had the camp to ourselves.  Awesome!  We stayed in the Spruce Bunkhouse:

The inside of the cabin walls had been decorated with different writings of girls that had stayed in this cabin during camps, some even dated back to the 1970's!  (Dated back makes it sound so old...lol Sorry. ;)  I didn't take many pictures of them, but some of them were... *ahem* a little to interesting to show.  Let's just say that some girls had major crushes, obviously didn't mind telling everyone.

I did not tilt the camera, this was how it was written...I worried a bit about this person....

  So, we went up there the beginning of August, so summer, right?  I mean, I didn't expect southern weather, of course, but I didn't exactly expect cold enough I guess.  I woke up several times during that first night simply from being to cold!  I mean, we were in a cabin without heat or air, but I still had a sheet and my comforter.  I literally was freezing.  The next morning I got dressed in two pairs of socks, long jeans, and my big sweatshirt.  And that's what I wore for two days.  On  the third day I actually did adjust enough to take my sweatshirt off and just wear a tee-shirt.  I couldn't believe it!  This is summer, people!  I was a cold little southern girl.  I was spoiled by my nice 98 degree weather. ;)

I took some pictures from around the camp:

This was the mother of all zip lines.  It was HUGE!  I love zip lines and I don't think I would have been able to do this one.  I tried to get some angle shots for you to see how tall it was, but it still is taller than it looks.

This is from a 5-foot tall level.  It looks like I was on the ground, but I wasn't!

There was a mini golf course! Julia and I played it twice.  It was so fun. =)

 I actually hit the ball hard enough and got it to go all the way around!  I was so proud of myself. ^-^

I didn't edit this picture at all; I really like it. =)

My grandmother bought both Julia and I necklaces!  They are soo pretty! I love mine. =) <3

Isn't it beautiful?  And it matches my trusty sweatshirt. ;)

After breakfast, and a lot of procrastination, we all piled into my grandpa's truck and went to visit this university.  I don't know the specifics of it, but they made these replicas of each of the planets, and then they placed them correctly spaced apart how they are in real life, if they were really that small.  I don't know if that makes sense, but anyway, the sun is at the university.  So we went to see that.  We didn't go to any of the other planets, but from the sun to pluto, was about 60 miles, I think.

Here are a couple things at the university:

Here is the sun.  They could only do part of it, because otherwise it would have to be, like, 75 feet tall!

Uck, science ;)
Then, they had this cool chart on the wall of that had things from the smallest known thing to the largest known thing.  I got kinda sloppy taking the pictures at the end because I thought they weren't coming out, but they ended up being okay, so, yeah, please excuse my past self. =P  Also, I started at the smallest things, so read left to right:

The radius of a proton is the smallest thing, the atomic nucleus is the next smallest, etc.

Viruses look like little computers.

I'm not going to say what the amoeba looks like =P ;D

UMPI campus was where we were. =)

I kinda chopped it off, but they say North America, and the Diameter of the Earth

Furthest visible object in the universe...Wow. And Yahweh created it all!

Did you know that you could see the Northern Lights in Maine??  That is something that I probably will never see.  "Summer" ;) was cold enough for me! hehe

I wish I could say that I know what the significance of this thing is, but I can't.. Hmm. lol

There was this little garden, I guess you'd call it, filled with flags from all over the world...I made me realize how few flags I know lol

Maine is beautiful, peeps.  Just gorgeous!

 AHHH!!  So beautiful!  Those fields of grain were just...ah, oh....*happy sigh*

After the university we went to a discount store.  There were big signs saying things like, "Beat the heat with these great deals!"  And girls my age were walking around in short shorts and tank tops.  And they all looked at me really weird, all dressed up in my winter garb.  I mean, seriously, it was cold!  Summer is 100 degrees, not 60!  okay, sorry about ranting about that again....It was just so weird!

After lunch, we went to a nature preserve!  We took a nice little hike. =)

It was a running joke all weekend among Julia, my grandpa and I about what to do if you encounter a bear:  Always sneak up on it, pet it and feed it, walk alone through the woods, try to pet it's cubs, etc. ;) Haha


This reminded me of the sun from Tangled. =)

And then we came across some old railroad tracks! It was so cool!!!

Julia held the flower for me. =)

The camera wouldn't focus, but it turned out to make them, like, glow, so I decided to show you guys anyway lol

 I thought wildlife condo was a cute name lol
This is still the "condo."  See the "rooms?"

And that was the end of the trail!  But don't let the "easy" deceive you.  I was tired by the end.  But maybe that was just me. ;)

Also, as an ending note, look at this amazing license plate.  Moon pie.  Ha ha. ;)

*Added note:  I'm SO sorry that I took forever to post this!  And that I missed Tacit Tuesdays.  And that I haven't posted.  And for anything else that you can think of that I did or caused.  I still love you all.  The end.*


  1. You're so lucky! Wish I could go there... such beautiful scenery.
    Really gorgeous pictures!!
    You have such a cute blog, I love it.
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. Thank you! I hope you will be able to, someday. It's breathtaking. Thank you so much! =D

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 the pics!! They are so awesome and you are a good photographer! The scenery was beautiful and you look/sound like you had a great time! <3 =D

    1. Thank you!! It was amazing! And beautiful! Like you! ;) hehe <3

  3. What great pictures! It looks like you had a great time!

  4. Wow Jessica, that was an awesome post! =D I love all the pictures and I can't even begin to comment all I want to on them. =) I love the railroad track! I've always wanted to go to one like that! =D If you ever go back to Maine can I tag along? ;) I LOVE the picture of the daisy. =D Keep up the great work Jessica! =D

    1. Thank you! I have a ton of railroad pictures, because I had never had that opportunity before! Haha, I will certainly take you next time. We should all just get together and take a road trip. We can buy a bus. And take you, and me, and Rachel, and Julia, and Sarah, and the other Sarah, and Micaiah, and...oh, everybody! Haha =D Thank you!!

    2. There all awesome, I love railroads. =D Sounds like a great plan to me! ;D All we would need is a good driver and about a weeks worth of food. ;D Sounds like a purfect group to go with. =D

    3. Haha!! I'll drive, you can bring the snacks, kay? ;D I would love to sit next to you and eat chips. lol =D

    4. Okay, great, I'm wonderful with snacks. Hows sweet Iced tea and sour cream and onion chips sound? Its pretty much my favorite snack. ;D

    5. Oooohhhh....You read my mind, girl!! I love those things! Both of em. ;)


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