Guest Post! {Sarah} UPDATED

*NOTE!!!!* I am such a dope, I forgot to link to her blog!  *Face palm*  Anywho, check out her AMAZING blog HERE!!!!!!!

Hiya! Welcome to (Almost) Perfectly Pink! How are you today? =)
Great! Thanks for having me, Jessica!
Do you have any siblings?

If you could live in the world of any book you've read, which one would it be? (Bible Books included.)
Ohh... I would like to be in the Little House on the Prairie books!

Do you like bananas? Humus?
My Mom is allergic to them, so I haven't had any since I was little.

Have you ever had a penpal?

Favorite genre of music? (example: country, classical, rock, etc)
I like classical, and christian music.

Do you live in the city, in the country, or somewhere else?
Country! ♥

What do you like best about the place you live? What do you like the least?
That its surrounded my fields, its beautiful.. I don't really dislike anything!

What is one thing that you would like to do someday, and what is something you can do to reach that goal?
I would like to make more sales on my Etsy shop! To do that, I just have to crochet more, pray, and practice more!

What is your favorite season?

Do you share a bedroom with a sibling, or do you have your own room?
I share a room! :)

How long have you had your blog?
Since October 2013. :)

What inspired the name?
What I do every day. Also, I didn't want my blog to be about anything specific, so I picked that!

What do you like writing about the most on your blog?
Stories, real life things. It feels more personal. :)

What do you like best about having a blog?
Being able to connect with other girls. :)

Thanks for having me, Jessica!

Thank you, Sarah!  Great answers! =)


  1. You are not a dope Jessica! I didn't even notice. Lol! Thanks for letting me do a interview on your blog! I'll post yours soon! Thanks so much!
    Sarah Margaret

    1. Haha, thank you. lol You're very welcome! Thank YOU! =) <3

  2. Great interview Sarah! =D

    Jessica: Congratulations on 40 followers!!!!!!!! =D Thats just awesome! =D

    1. Thanks, Mikayla!! =D I'm so excited about all of them!! Haha I can't believe so many people want to hear my ramblings! ;)

      <3 you, girl!

    2. I'm not to amazed, I'd bet anyone would want to listain to you. =)

    3. Haha, well, I dunno, hehe ;) =D You're awesome, did you know that?!?


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