3 Things You Can Do to Feel Better

I am busy, y'all.  My life is fuller than it has ever been.  School, driving, work, volunteering, camp, summer reading, visiting friends, roadtrips, loving on my dog, planning new school years, washing dishes...and I'm loving it.  I wouldn't trade this hectic, beautiful mess for anything.  Because it's mine.  I only have one day of being 16 years, 4 months, and 28 days.  And I'm going get everything last drop out of it.

But, sometimes my body can't exactly keep up as well as I'd hope.  My joints hurt.  Fatigue comes in.  I get cranky.  I get sick.  Last week I was tired before I went to camp, had an exhausting (but fun) week, had a late night Friday, worked Saturday, and by Sunday I woke up sick.  I still went to church but I came home early with my dad.  I immediately changed into pj's and watched Pirates of the Caribbean.  I then laid in bed, talked on the phone with a friend for 20 minutes, hung up, and fell asleep for a solid 14 hours.  My body wanted sleep, y'all.

That said, here are some things that are vital to helping your body keep up with you; whether you have a busy lifestyle or not.

1.} Drink Water
    This is one that I know you have heard before.  But it is true none-the-less.  While at camp I drank literally no water. (Who needs H2O when you have Pepsi and sweet tea?) Big mistake. My face broke out, I got tired quicker, and my muscles had a hard time keeping up.  After doing a little research, here are some things water helps with:

      Body Nutrition
          Keeps fluids in your body moving; aiding digestion, controlling body temperature, etc.
      Weight Loss
          Helps you feel fuller and want to snack less
       Muscle Fuel
          Muscles lose water when you sweat/exercise, so drinking water gives them more energy
       Clearer Skin
          Drinking water can help you focus and stay alert
       Pain Prevention
           Joints and muscles can ache when dehydrated
       Helps Prevent Headaches  
       And more! 

Isn't that amazing?  So do yourself a favor, and drink a glass of water.  Carry a water bottle around and drink when you're bored, or working.  Make it a habit, not a chore.

2.} Sleep
    Another one you've heard a lot.  But seriously, sleep in when your body relaxes.  Your heart, brain, and other organs are working 24/7 to keep you alive.  Let them have a rest.  Getting proper sleep can help:
       Avoid Serious Diseases 
          Links have been found between insufficient sleep and serious health problems like heart disease, heart attacks, and diabetes
       Less Chronic Pain
       Feel Happier
           Happy is a relative term, but you just feel better after a good nights sleep
       Statistically Lower Risk of Injury
           Your brain works better when you are getting enough sleep, which makes you more alert when driving, handling machinery, and other things which cause a lot of accidents.
       Weight Loss
            Behaviorally, you are more likely to just eat junk food or skip your run if you are tired, resulting in weight gainBut there is also a hormone that controls how hungry you feel, and it drops when you lose sleep, making you hungrier.
        Clearer Thinking/Better Memory
             Your brain got proper rest = works better.  Duh. 
         Stronger Immune System
         And More!
Your sleep is really important.  Don't let other things get in the way.  Also, turning off your electronics half an hour or so before you go to bed helps your body relax and get ready for sleep; verses being exposed to the bright lights and colors of the screen until right before bed.

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3.} Compliment Someone
      Nobody likes a grouch.  And yet a compliment from anyone; friend or stranger, can instantly brighten a day.  Smile at the boy you pass on the sidewalk.  Tell the cashier you like her earrings.  Tell your friend one thing you love about them.  You will feel better, they will feel better, and the world will be one smile friendlier.  Win-Win-WIN.

Go into the world with your new-found knowledge, and have a good day! =)


*Btw, I LOOOVE your shirt.  ;)


  1. Good advice! My mom is a big fan of water, I don't think I'd be alowed to go through a day without drinking any. ;D This makes me want to drink a lot more though!
    Aww, thanks. This is one of my favorite shirts. I'm glad you like it. ;D Yours is amazing as well. ;D
    I'm going to take part of your advice and go ahead and shut down my electronics. Still an hour of being awake to go, but it couldn't hurt. =)
    Thanks for doing this!! =D

    One of your biggest fans,

  2. These are awesome tips Jessica :)

  3. Lovely post Jessica! I'm glad you are feeling better! And thank you for your health tips. I'm trying to make sure I drink more water, I'm really bad about not drinking enough :P

  4. Yes! Brilliant tips. Health is so important and being hydrated is so so important. Most of the time, your headache is because you are dehydrated. My friend even went to hospital last year because she didn't drink enough water. Great post. :)

  5. Hey Jessica! I just nominated you over at my blog for the Best blogging buddies award! http://sparklyambitions.blogspot.com/2015/06/best-blogging-buddies-award.html
    And also, I had a question. I just started a new blog, and I'm still working on designs. How did you get the hearts to rain down on your page? I was thinking about maybe making some sparkles rain on my blog since it's called sparkly ambitions.
    Thanks! :)
    ~Katie@ sparklyambitions.blogspot.com

  6. This was so fun to read! Thanks for posting! I've just dropped by, and I am having fun looking around!


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