Favorite Summer Clothing From eShakti

Summer Is Here

Hey Y'all!

I am currently in Charleston! *Whoop whoop*  The heat index got up to 118 degrees F. yesterday.  *Non-whoop whoop*

Anyway, eShakti recently had a refresh: new website look, new clothes, new variety.  So today I'm going to give you a little tour of some of my favorites on their new site!

Bright Ideas

This was the first new series that caught my eye.  I love flowey, cute summer clothes.  Perfect for hot weather. (Not like that is a problem...ha HA)
This shirt (and it's green-watercolor counterpart: here) reminds me of Japanese clothing and art.  Cool, huh?

Are these shorts not the cutest?  Extra bonus, you can also make them longer if you so desire. (The longer option seems to go down about halfway from where the shorts are now to the knee.)


Okay, this dress is adorable.  I love the simplicity of it (could easily be dressed up or down), but it is also beautiful on its own.

Be sure to check out this section; there are a ton of variations and designs!

Custom Pants

Guys, these pants have smiley faces on them.  'Nuf said.

If you decide there is something on their store you like, here are some ways right now that you can lower your costs:

Some of their best-sellers are on sale right now

Free shipping!

If you are new to eShatki, you get a $35 gift-card and your first alteration is free!

And, if you use the code below, you get a $35 gift-card!*
Valid till 06/30/2015
Enter this code in the 'Gift Coupon / Referral Code' box at checkout
Only one gift coupon can be used in an order
Not valid on previous purchases / purchase of gift cards.
This gift coupon cannot be transferred, re-issued or exchanged for cash.
Minimum order value of $30

*I do get a small commission if you use this code

Hurry though, some of these only last a few days!  However, eShakti almost always has sales and such going on, so be sure to check back often.

Have a great day, y'all!  Stay awesome.



  1. *Happy dance* Okay, I love cloths shopping a little to much. ;D Great post, I hope I can use the code! =D

  2. SO PRETTY! I'm going to go check that website out. :D
    --Rebecca at The Silver Flute

  3. So does that mean that I can get something from their website for $30 for free if I use that code?

    ps. When does it expire?

    1. Unfortunately I believe that means you have to spend $30 after the coupon. I could be wrong, though, so you could try and see if the order goes through. I'll see if I can find out. The code I posted here expires on the 30th, which is next Tuesday. =)

      ~Jessica (I'm on my friend's computer. Haha)

    2. I just checked and you have to spend at least $30 AFTER the giftcard is applied. In other words, the clothes have to total to at least $65 in value BEFORE the giftcard. Sorry. =(

  4. I want it all. >:) They look so good! Thanks for picking out cute clothes. :D

    1. (By the way, I have nominated you for a tag on my blog. It's the second post from the top. :))

  5. This is so cool, gonna have to check it out!

  6. Whoop whoop lol I'm not to big on clothes sorry but I like the whoop whoop



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