A flash of color,
A gray sky.
A twirl,
A tear.

A childish giggle,
A choking sob.
A victor,
A fighter.

A heart ne'er broken,
A heart that healed.
A foot ne'er stumbled,
Legs that stood up again.

Unrealistic dreams,
Goals within reach.
Childhood friends,
Lifelong companions.

The whole world,
Or having a place in it.
The lover,
The forgiver.

The one who never failed.
The one who survived and stood back up.

Which do you think you are? 
Who would you rather be?

I seem to be transitioning into a "mostly-poetry" blog.  I've got some other posts planned, but what is your opinion of all the poems.  Yay or Nay?



  1. That was great! I don't really know which one I am, but I think both of them have their strong points.
    I like all the poetry.

  2. Yay, I love your poems Jess they give me something to think about though the day. I would say I'm a childish giggle. What do you think you are?


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