Tips For Organizing Clothes and Changing Out Seasons

Well peeps, winter is finally letting it's veil fall and giving way to warmer weather!  In trying to encourage the warmer weather that it was time for it to make its appearance I went through my dresser and reorganized and put away my winter clothes.  And since to me this is such a fun chore, I thought I would share some tips to help you along the way! =)

Tip #1:
Pick a Work Station and Dump Everything Out

      This may seem like a silly thing to say, but it really is helpful.  Pick a workstation; anything from your bed to the kitchen table; and dump your clothes out.  I do drawer by drawer to keep everything manageable, but it's up to you.  Even if your clothes are already folded, I would recommend unfolding them simply because you want to get a good, honest look at them to make a decision about what to do with them.

Tip #2
Make 3 Piles...

        And those piles should be:  To Keep, To Get Rid Of, and To Try On.  The keep pile is clothes that you know that fit you and you know that you want to keep.  The get rid of pile is obviously clothes that you know don't fit you, you don't wear, or that after getting a good look at them to plain decide you don't want.  (I'll come back to what to do with these piles later)  And the last pile is for clothes that you like the looks of but don't know if they still fit you from last season, or that you don't know how they look on you.  Fold everything and file it into one of these three piles, and then tackle each one afterwards.

What To Do With The "To Keep" Pile: 
     This pile will be all the clothes that you know you want to keep.  Fold these neatly and put them away in their respective drawers.  When I do drawer by drawer I put the clothes that go back into that drawer away, and if there are any that don't belong in that drawer I just keep them in a pile until I get to the drawer they go in.

What To Do With The "To Get Rid Of" Pile
      These clothes are either torn/unwearable, don't fit, or you don't want.  The torn clothes should either be sewn or thrown away.  I can't sew so I usually just throw away.  And only keep clothes to sew unless you know you will sew them!  Because they are no better sitting unworn on a sewing desk than they are sitting unworn in a dresser drawer.  With the clothes that are just too small or unwanted you have many options.  They could be passed down to a younger siblings/realitive, given to a thrift store, sold in a yard sale, traded with a friend, etc, etc.  

What To Do With The "Try On" Pile
       I save touching this pile until I am completely done with going through all my drawers and have taken care of the other two piles.  Then I go through and try them on, keeping a full-length mirror close.  Be honest with yourself as you go through these; does it really fit, or do you just want it too?  Does it really look as good as you had hoped?  Letting go of old beloved clothing that simply doesn't fit is hard; but I guarantee that once it is out of sight it will certainly be out of mind as well.  Clothes that fit and you want to keep can now be filed away; and clothes that do not can be treated like the rest of the "Get Rid Of" pile. 

Tip #3
Storing Going-Out Season Clothes

     These tubs (pictured above) are amazing.  You can get them a Walmart (probably haha) and they slid really nicely under beds.  I just fold or roll up my clothes, pop the lid on, and under the bed it goes; forgotten.


 You've Been Doing It All Wrong:
Folding Clothes 101

  Okay, so folding clothes is something we all know how to do, but there are ways to make clothes look much more professional, stay in place, and fit better in tiny spaces.  One of these I learned simply from watching an employee fold tee-shirts.  So observe, and may your folding forever be amazing.  ;)

Just a note, with both folds you want the design side of the shirt down so that you can see it once it's folded.

Tip #4
Organize By Drawer

It is best to have some sort of organization for your drawers.
I separate mine by under garments
                              pj's & swimsuits
The order and what you separate by doesn't matter; it's up to you.  
But having specific drawers for specific things really helps in keeping everything neat and tidy.

Well, that's about all I have.  Let me know if any of these tips work for you!  =)

Do you have any special tricks for organizing clothes?

~ Jess


  1. These are really good tips, I should probably get around to doing that for this spring :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! =) <3 Yah, it's something I usually dread thinking about but once I get into it I enjoy it! Plus, then I can go to the mall and buy new things! ;)

      <3 ya!

  2. Awesome! I got to go through my clothes on Sunday and that felt so good. =D I love your folding technuge though, I might have to try it! =D
    Thanks Jess!

  3. I'm terrible at organizing clothes so thanks for the tips! What does your shirt say? It looks pretty:) Looove all your posts, Jessica!

  4. My drawers are in a terrible mess. I only cleaned them out a month ago, but they're messy again. I'll have to clean them out again.
    Thank you for the tips on how to fold t-shirts. Mine always take up more space then they need, so I'll have to try folding them like you've suggested.

  5. Whoa that's awesome! And how did you make the graphics collages by the way, that looks way cool!


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