Drizzly and Grey

Well, how are you all, my lovelies?

I should partially apologize for not actually saying anything and just posting poems these last weeks.  What did you all think about the last one; the untitled one?  That was something different and new on here, so I just wanted to see how it went.  Yay?  Nay?  Okay.

The South has the weirdest weather; ya'll.  Like, it goes from crazy cold, and ice and snow, to wearing a tee shirt outside, to snow again.  Whhat?  It is actually really terrible because I've been wanting to go through my clothes; ya know, pick out the stuff I don't want/doesn't fit anymore and tidy things up; but I can't because with the weather changing I can't put my winter stuff away; but I can't have all winter because tomorrow it might be sunny again.

It is grey (or gray.  Can someone please just decided on one spelling and save us all the heartache?) and drizzly today.  It snowed last night but now it is kinda melting and it is slushy.  Yuck.

School.  Tis my life now.  And I am a little scared because today and tomorrow are like, completely blocked out with school subjects plus some.  And I am going to be out tomorrow evening....soooooo, yah.  (ps. See the blue container of salt in the top right hand corner?  Yeah, don't ask.) ;)

I'm going to a Brandon Heath concert!  This will have been only my second concert in my entire life, and guess who the first one was for?  Brandon Heath.  *nods solemnly* Actually I do really like his music.  My dad does too because he plays guitar. lol

   Well, my siblings have momentarily left to distract someone else for a little while, so I better get back to Algebra. 

Love ya, peeps!



  1. Haha, love the pictures Jess. Are you sure I can't ask about the salt? ;D Awesome! I hope you have a ton of fun at the concert! =D Wait, was that me Julia went to distrait? ;D

    1. Thank you, Mikayla! Well, actually you can if you want to. *whispers* Thanks! It will be a tiny one held in a school cafeteria (even though Brandon Heath is a big singer, he is coming to a small down high school! I find that pretty cool. =) Haha, maybe. Julia and Josh, especially Josh, are the masters at keeping me from work! ;D

    2. Okay, whats the salt for? ;D Cool! That seems like it would be more fun then being a HUGE group of people. =) Haha, yeah. It was kinda weird though, because at the end of your post, which you had just posted when I read it, Julia started texted me. ;D

  2. I grew up in Arizona where our weather was scorching. Like, the top of our backyard swimming pool would boil. Many days in the summer, we couldn't go anywhere because it was too hot outside and our car was too hot to go into! My hub grew up in northern MN where the weather was the other extreme.
    I know you will be angry at me for saying this. ;) But I actually loved math. I was *that girl* that chose to take pre-calc as a freshman and begged my friends to allow me to tutor them. In college, I chose to take extra math classes because I was so fascinated by it. Okay, you can stop screaming now. :)
    Rainy days are aways fun! If I didn't have work to do, I would snuggle on the couch and watch Grey's Anatomy (Gray's Anatomy?) and Once Upon a Time all day.

    1. Wow, that is hot! In the summer down here it can easily be in the 100's for weeks; but then when winter comes around it is in the 20's! =P All of my family is from MI, but we have become accustomed to our heat! I like summer weather much better.

      I actually like math too, but sometimes it gets a little tiring. lol I like that you can figure it out; though, rather than science or something where you either know it or you don't.

      I would like to do that too! Perry Mason reruns are what get me! ;)

      Thank you for commenting! =)

    2. Waittt, YOUR HAVING A HEAT WAVE!!!!!! 20 degrees?!?!!!!?!??!?!?!!! It's only -6 today....the coldest it's gotten is -29..enjoy your heat wave! ;)

  3. hahaa, your desk looks cute! (trying to think of something positive with all that school...) Wait, what's the salt for? (I know, I know, you said not to ask...but that's just an invite to ask, right??) I love salt, but what's it doin' there?? ;) ah yes, it's it kind of nice to have those warm days?? We're just stuck with snow and cold.. Trade ya! ;) haha, have fun with Algebra, glad I'm not doing it yet. ;)

  4. Good luck with the algebra... I'm having a bit of trouble with that myself right now. In fact, tomorrow is math field day! (supposed to be-- it's already been canceled five times because of snow.) Right now I'm praying, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" It's supposed to be -5 tomorrow... that should be enough for at least a two-hour delay... :)
    You'll have to tell us ALL about the Brandon Heath concert when you get back!
    --Rebecca at The Silver Flute

  5. Hi! I just found your blog. I hope you check out my blog and follow it by email! It's creatingpreciousmoments.blogspot.com
    You can leave a comment while you're there too, if you wish .:)
    Love in Christ,

  6. Hope your weather straightens out for you soon! Wow, that's so awesome! My whole family LOVES Brandon Heath!!! Have fun at the concert, and good luck with the Algebra :D!

    P.S. I LOVE your new blog design! I think it's my favorite yet. Also, your new profile pic is super cute!

  7. Hey Jessica!

    Aha! I see you got my letter. ;) Reply someday soon, 'kay? :)

    I know the stress of school too. But school will not last forever and we will conquer. Keep at it! :)

    One more thing: EXPLAIN THE SALT. You cannot simply point it out and then tell people not to ask about it. You and I both know that. :P

    Love ya!


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