Tacit Tuesdays! {Can Ya' Believe It?!}


  Tacit Tuesdays again!  Whoo! lol

Today for ya I have a photo shoot.  And, I'm making up for all the Tacit Tuesdays I missed.  Like, 30-pictures making up.  Julia took all the ones of me, I took all the ones of her. (duh)

Enjoy, peeps.

~ Jess <3

*M*E*R*R*Y*  *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S

And for all of you who asked on my relationship with cats, observe: 

And when I finally decide to try and pose with her; this happens:


  1. ooohhh, you are so pretty! I LOVE that flexi clip!!! I really like those, I would have to get a smaller one because my hair is shorter and thinner. :P That looks like a really comfy sweater! Hahaaa, I loved the picture of you with the cat.. ;) Heyy, I thought you were taking a blogger break?? That's okay!! ;) Lovely post as always. :)

  2. haha, great photoshoot! i'm glad you're back :)

    arushee | unadorned gifts

  3. Haha, peeps, I said I was starting it on the 19th. I think I said I would try and post Tacit Tuesdays.....I dunno. ;D Anyway, I'm still leaving. I just gave you warning! ;)

    1. ohhh, I guess I didn't notice that. :P Aww, okayyy... ;)

  4. Jessica! *Bangs head on table* How do you manage to be so drop dead gorgeous all. the. time.? This was so cute!!! I love all the photos. =D And the ones with you and the cat made me laugh. =D Julia looks so at home with that cat. =D (Was it Stickers or do you have another cat I don't know about?) I'm already getting sad about your blogging break though. =( Who else will post such adorable photos of my favorite girls? =(
    Love you BUNCHES!!!!

  5. Wow! Your and your sister are so pretty! Love your converse! I love these pictures!

  6. Wow! I like the pics with you and the cat...and I love the last picture! So pretty!!! .
    I think my sister has that same sweater your wearing in the pictures, only its gray. :)

  7. Such a wonderful post to leave with us before you take a blogging break!
    Gonna miss your posts.
    -Lauren <3

  8. Ooh love your pink converse! I've got black; my second choice would be gray, but my third choice is DEFINITELY pink. (Or is it mint green...) Haha, love your blog! I love the title and your background is super cute! :3

    O | Life as a Young Lady


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